Building a house in SC. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

It started from day one. The footing were poured and foundation built wrong and not to code, the inspector failed it. They started building the foundation and had to cut a layer of block off because it was too high. They have taken many shortcuts in the way they do things.

They hire the cheapest people they can find and half the time do not pay them anyway. We have a builder threatening to put a lean on our house for non- payment, because Lockridge refuses to pay them. They put cabinets up before painting and got pain on the cabinets, they never dusted after sanding and painted over the dust. There was a broken truss in the support for the roof and they nailed it together as a fix.

They laid linoleum and did not go into the closets, they left the closets bare sub flooring. They pieced the carpet together instead of laying one roll. There is paint and dust and compound all over the carpet because they laid that down before painting and sanding. Holes in the walls that they drilled because they were looking for wires.

Gaps in all the doors. The roof was not done correctly, we had to force them to replace the roof. They did not flash it, and inspector had to make them put flashing up. They come and look at all their mistakes and look at you and basically say sorry it is what it is.

Workers were drinking on the job and Lockridge/Keystone did nothing about it. These people should be ashamed of themselves for treating people this way. These people are nothing but SCAMMERS!! I can go on and on.

Bottom line is Please save yourself the aggravation and DO NOT USE KEYSTONE/LOCKRIDGE HOMES. I have included some pictures of the roof and flooding inside the house and the uneven flooring that was supposed to be fixed and never was.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Danville, Virginia, United States #884195

WOW!!! man this sounds terrible Does your lender have any recourse as to the money paid to this company?

Lexington, South Carolina, United States #820857

I, too, have had issues with Lockridge Homes from day one....walls falling because they weren't braced, uneven tray ceiling (looked like an ocean wave).... I could go on and on!

But not enough room and time. I built my daughter her home....we began construction in Mar 2014, and so-called completed it in October!! I am still having problems that they have not corrected.....I've been going through ABS Warranty to get some things solved, but like today,5/27/14, they were to come review 2 problems I had. Did they show up?.......of course not, and I'm sure they will have a so-called excuse.

When I get these problems solved, and if I do, I'll be relieved. I'm certainly going to report them to the Better Business Bureau of SC. I built my son a house in the Columbia area using a different builder, and it's been like clock work with a few minor issues.....3 months total and in their house! So, my suggestion to all of you who are planning on using Lockridge Homes, DONT!!!!!

They talk a good game.....but quality and service is awful.

They will never get my services again nor will I recommend them to anyone. FINISHED WITH LOCKRIDGE HOMES,!!!

to Gin #821609

Would you be interested in starting a class action suit? Anyone interested please contact me and I will start looking into a lawyer. Lets show these people what happens when they don't do things right, or listen to the customer!

to Gin #1018325

Just curious, who did you get to build your son's house? I am thinking about having a new home built in SC, near Columbia.

to Gin #1037306

Who did you get to build your son's house? I am thinking about having a new home built in SC

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