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After driving to VA to see the actual floor plan we liked we met with Sandra in the Statesville office...these offices are nothing more than used car salesman! We asked specific questions and have emails to show the answers before we signed and we have found that most of what we were told was a LIE!

From windows, to cabinets, to time frame to literally almost everything. Then the general contractor for the western NC area, Rod is the worst! He lied to us multiple times then spoke to me like garbage when he was called on it. Told my husband he didn't care what we thought, this was his project and he would do what he wanted.

There are MANY examples of his kind of business but the best is they didn't put in kitchen lights, they were on the plan, wired for but they just weren't installed. I asked and he said he'll check, after a while I asked if he checked, his answer was no. Then the electrician told us he had called them the day before and told them not to install them! So he lied to me and just didn't install the lights.

Luckily, the electrician does better business than that and said they would do it because they know it is the right thing. This is just ONE of the many examples of bad business. Don't think the main company cares, the only contact is for Gene McDonald, supposedly the owner, it is an email that never gets a response..ever! I posted in their FB page and my comments get deleted.

The reason you don't see the bad everywhere is because they spend their time cleaning up their social media presence. We have to fix SO much just to move in! We have to repaint the ENTIRE house. They didn't wipe the walls after sanding so the walls have a grit under the paint and they just didn't paint some walls and others there are strips of paint that they missed.

Please do NOT use this company! Contact me for a tour of my home or info!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lockridge Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please believe everything that you have read!

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #1303116

That makes me very nervous. Do you have pics of your home. We are also going to go through the Statesville location to build but after doing my homework, ive got a lot of red flags going :/

to Pa Roxboro, North Carolina, United States #1303157

Check out my post below "My Lockridge Home". I have pictures on my post you can review. It is a couple of posts below this one.

Statesville, North Carolina, United States #1292165

I have been told that you are very happy with your home and have since apologized to Rod. If you are going to call me a liar than you should say it to my face or at least make a phone call so I can defend myself.

I am honest with everyone and you have not said one word to me so I don't even know what you are talking about.

If I told you something that you feel was not true than you need to tell me about it because it just may have been something that I was not aware of or possibly something you misunderstood. You should have given me the opportunity to help you before you put out such damaging statements.

Roxboro, North Carolina, United States #1282742

Yep....sounds very similar to my experience.

Augusta, Georgia, United States #1267873

thank you so much for this review!

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